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Pre-orders available FEB. 14

"My boys are in love with this book! They love dogs, and they love following along with the adventures of the pups in The Puckett Pack! The illustrations are gorgeous, the story is captivating, and it is easily our new favorite book! We can’t wait to read more of their adventures!"


Mother of Two

Pre-orders available FEB. 14

"We hadn't told our soon-to-be 4 year old that we were expecting another baby yet. This sweet book was the perfect way to share the news with him! He loved following along with the pack's adventure and was so excited about their final discovery, and even more excited when he learned that he, too, had a new human to play with on the way! He's had The Puckett Pack open daily, reading to his trusty [stuffed toy] Mr. Woofie."


Soon-to-be Parents of Two

Pre-orders available FEB. 14

"My kids love this book! It’s easy for my 9 year old to read to my 5 year old and they love the beautiful illustrations! We highly recommend it! What can these humans + their pack not do?!"


Mother of Two

Pre-orders available FEB. 14

"This book is the perfect combination of simple but intriguing story-telling, that will keep you and your little ones turning to the next page. It’s a beautiful story with a sweet ending that will make your heart swell and keep you reaching for more! We have read this book many times in our night-time book-reading ritual and it’s always a hit! The artwork is pretty for me and fun for my son to look at too - always a win, when you’re reading with your kids, and usually the same books on rotation! He can’t get enough of the silly dog adventures and giggles with each turn of the page. As a plus, it’s an aesthetically-pleasing book to have displayed, with a nice sturdy cover and a beautiful portrait of the pups on the front! From the coffee table to your kids bookshelves, you’ll be happy to display it! Most importantly, the story-telling is a perfect match, for how beautifully done the artwork is!"