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Pre-orders available FEB. 14

Only a few days left until you can order your copy of The Puckett Pack in advance!

Please note that orders won't be shipped out until our official release date, currently set for March 14th. 


"If you’re looking for a family friendly read to capture your child’s attention, The Puckett Pack will quickly become a go-to book! Before bedtime or anytime you need a good excuse to snuggle your little one and share the reading experience, select this sensory adventure of four dogs and their humans. Beautifully illustrated, this storybook reveals the unique personality of each canine character and the special bonds shared with one another and their owners. As a parent and 35-year veteran Child Development educator, I highly recommend adding The Puckett Pack to your home library."


Tangela Isley, M. Ed.

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Copies will be available at a wholesale discount for retailer purchases. More info on pricing and availability to come.

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