The Puckett Pack Sticker - Luna

The Puckett Pack Sticker - Luna


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The Puckett Pack is a new series about curiosity and exploration, individuality within the pack, and sharing important moments with family and friends. Take your favorite Pack pup, or all of them, along with you on your next adventure with these high-quality stickers!


Made from thick, durable vinyl, these stickers are protected from scratching, rain and sunlight - perfect for decorating a backpack, notebook, lunchbox or anything else. 


Choose from each character from our book - Atlas, Luna, Mama Murdoch or Aunt Ashe, or get the whole pack!


Measures within 2.25" x 4"

Printed in the United States (Greenville, SC)

Designed by The Puckett Pack author + illustrator, Linsey Puckett




  • Book copyright © 2021 by Adam and Linsey Puckett.

    Illustration copyright  © 2021 by Adam and Linsey Puckett.

    Character copyright © 2021 by Adam and Linsey Puckett.

    Reproduction of this sticker, The Puckett Pack book, or any other character from The Puckett Pack series in any form or manner, in whole or in part, without written permission of the copyright owner(s) is prohibited.

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